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It's pretty easy to automate this from your own machine. We have pages that will facilitate downloading results. To pull the data that we already have stored in our database, we have developed a page that you can visit that will automatically download the results for the PDB that you specify. Here's how to use it:
  • The URL for the page is
  • To specify what PDB to download, append
    to the URL adding in the PDB of your choice after the '='. An example to pull all the results for 3BVU, use the following URL:
    To get more than one PDB at a time, append all the PDB ids to the end separated by columns:,1A6M
  • By default, the page will return a CSV (comma separated values) file of the results. To explicitly state this, append
    to the end of the URL:
    We also allow for the export of results in a TSV (tab separated values) file, just replace csv with tsv:
  • On a Unix machine, you can either use wget or curl to get these files:
    wget -O 3BVU.tsv
    curl -O -o 3BVU.tsv
Download an example:

You can also upload your own PDB using scripts! Just look at for an example on how to do so.